About Us
Calibration and Non Destructive Services Limited was Incorporated as a servicing company in the area of “Calibration Services, Instrumentation and Non-Destructive Testing”. Our services cover both the upstream and downstream sector.
The company has a fully paid–up share Capital of over N100 million almost $700,000, which is in the process of been increased to cope with our vision in the forefront of providing services in the Oil and Gas Industry.
The company can conveniently handle any project, the project execution cost notwithstanding as we can easily raise funds from our bankers to execute our projects at the shortest notice.
Since we commenced business, we have experienced tremendous growth in the area of our specialty. We have all it takes to ensure successful execution of projects within the line of our expertise as we can boast of the right equipment and manpower to ensure quality and timely execution of all our deliverable at very reasonable and competitive cost.
We are eagerly looking forward to having a most fruitful business relationship with your establishment.
Yours faithfully,
Owi Okosodo (Managing Director)
Policy Statement
Calibration and Non Destructive Services Limited will be dynamic and analytical in responding to client problems and offer solid solutions. We will provide quality technical support/services to our numerous clients in the industry and give them value for their money even at a reasonable discount in the present area of operations.
We shall not relent in the training of our employee knowing well that our success will depend on them. Above all, we carry out activities in such manner as not to infringe on the environment or violate local regulations that will have impacts on the image of both the service provider and the client.
Our Team
We are composed of a group of multidisciplinary, highly talented, tested and experienced people to provide speedy and quick response to individual clients needs. Our mode of operation is such that it is backed up with tested, proven and expedient engineering,  business Management Techniques and Project Management expertise to provide client tailored solutions to suit client’s expectations.
Our core value is to meet all international quality standards by developing a system of monitoring all our projects and to offer the best services to satisfy our esteemed clients’ requirement, thereby providing value for their money, at all times and proving ourselves as a responsible and reliable provider in calibration services,  project management for software implementation, instrumentation and Non-Destructive Testing.

Unrivaled Performance

The company prides itself in the individual intellectual skills, competence know-how and diversity of experienced team of talented and versatile men whose aim is performance to satisfaction. Since inception, the company has been able to compete excellently with “the big names” in the industry and have performed creditably to the satisfaction and admiration of our clients.
The management of Calibration & Non Destructive Services Limited is made up of tested and well proven individuals in their respective field with track records. The company prides itself in its management, which provides the strength behind its incomparable success.

About us

Calibration and Non Destructive Services Limited was Incorporated as a servicing company. Our services cover both the upstream and downstream sector.
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