We have expert knowledge in marine services ranging from the following:

  • Marine Equipment Leasing.

  • Marine Equipment Maintenance.

  • Marine Construction & Upgrade.

  • Competent Labor Supplies

  • House boat and Accommodation facilities

  • Jetty, Yard and slip way facilities

  • Constructions of house – boat and barges

  • Dry dock facilities

  • Logistic Support – land / sea

  • Heavy duty Equipment

  • Offshore and Onshore Catering Services

Marine Operations

We offer technical services in marine construction maintenance, upgrade & installations. We also undertake Civil Construction and Maintenance structure and prefabrication units and Rig Renovations.

Our established track record and flexible approach in the provision of engineered solutions to meet our customer’s needs at various operational location areas has enabled us to successfully execute all our projects.

We have been more interested in satisfying our customers by rendering scrupulously the services they require of us than making huge profits.

Consequently the qualities we provide/supply often exceed those asked for. We have continued to be current with what our customers want as we maintain our association and cordial relationship with them.